Support and Believe – Conference and Debate

In collaboration with another Interact club from Iași, Romania, named Interact Curtea Domnească, we put together a project in which we learned about how the lives of some people from different work fields were changed by the pandemic. 

We invited Mr. Dr. Victor-Vlad Costan, oral and maxillofacial surgeon, member of Rotary Curtea Domnească who spoke about the way he sees these times from the perspective of a doctor and from that of a university lecturer.

 Mr. Mihai Russu talked about the changes the pandemic made in the life of a lawyer, about the laws that were implemented during this period and our curiosities about them.

A debate on the topic:”Normal School vs. Online School” followed. The participants were selected at random to stand up for their part. We will remember about this day when we learned so much and had the chance to help a fellow Rotaract member called Andra Baltă, who unfortunately suffers from a rare form of tumor: Acetabular Chondroblastoma. She has the chance to go under surgery the third time and finally escape this nightmare. Let’s help her together!!!