Give a Christmas Smile

Christmas time is a wonderful opportunity for helping others!

The project Give a Christmas Smile is organised by Rotary Club of Cetățuie and takes place every December. Its purpose is to provide packages to children under 12, containing the objects of his choice, toys, clothing, shoes, food or sweets. This project aims to promote solidarity, generosity, respect and love for children regardless of the environment in which they live. 

This year, we were invited by Rotary Club of Cetățuie to take part in the 5th edition of this project. Thus, we helped 50 children from disadvantaged families, providing them food packages, sweets and clothes. And we also gave them A Christmas Smile.

We, Interact Cetățuie, supported financially a part of the project Give a Christmas Smile.

Our dear colleagues from Rotaract Cetățuie and Interact Cluj-Napoca also took part in this project.